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Osprey Yacht Club Documents

OYC List of Documents

Osprey Yacht Club, Inc. Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Plan to communicate the vision and goals of the organization, to guide leadership in developing operational plans and to provide a conceptual ramework for ongoing focus and dirction.

OYC Bylaws as amended Nov. 15, 2018

The objectives of the OYC shall be to promote safe boating, provide boating education, create a social environment for the members, advocate for the Marina, and sustain a supportive relationship with Albemarle Plantation Property Owners Association.

OYC Strategic Plan Review, Nov. 2018

analysis of the current strategic plan as a guide for the OYC BodD in developing plans and goals.

OYC New Member Packet

Information for new members of the yacht club.

Request for Reimbursement Form

Submit for to be reimbursed for expenses related to OYC

OYC Center Use Guidelines

The OYCC Manager is Geoff Byrd (426-7053), contact him to book the facility for an OYC function.